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We shall never cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know that place for the first time.

(T. S. Eliot)

Welcome to The Kuros Blog - My name is Tancredi Cordero, I am an entrepreneur, financier and published author.

This Blog is my open oriel window on the World. Here ideas are shared freely.

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Re_start - will 2021 be like 1921 or 1963?

The typically short lived memory of the past has been giving a lot of solace to many in 2020 – as it has over the past decade. Yes, when nothing new comes around, we can't but indulge in some sort of laconic nostalgia. Think about the very many Roaring 20s theme parties we've attended, or heard occurring, in the last ten years – I bet one too many. Culturally speaking (exception made for technology) I dare to say that we haven't advanced much since the end of the 20th Century


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